Consultancy Services

At IPER, weprovide scientific services for uplifting the standards of the research work at various avenues. IPER has a team of researchers engaged in different innovative research projects. The objective of consultancy services at IPER is to create one-stop-research solutions to the students and scientists from academics and pharmaceutical industries. We are committed to provide quality and accuracy in terms of investigations and use of various instrumental and animal facilities. We provide laboratory research services tailored to the specific needs of the individual thereby ensuring a marked differenceto its requirements. Our unique combination of highly trained staff, research facilities and specialized services will help surely succeed in today’s competitive market.

Services provided at IPER

• Accelerated studies.
• Pre-clinical investigations.
• Anti-cancer studies.
• Formulation development.
• Spray drying and Freeze drying.
• Tablet compression and tablet coating.
• Behavioural models.
• Drug Excipient Compatibility Studies.
• HPLC and HPTLC analyses.
• Microbiological Activities.