Student Grievancess Redressal Committee


            A grievance cell should be consulted for the redressal of the problems reported by the students with the following objectives:

1. Upholding the dignity of the college by ensuring strife free atmosphere, prompting cordial student-student and student-teacher relationship.
2. Encouraging the students to express their grievances/ problems freely, frankly without fear of victimization.
3. Suggestion/complaint box for those students who want to remain anonymous by putting their grievances for improving academics/ administration in the college.
4. Advising students to respect the right and dignity of one another and show restraint and patience whenever occasion arises.
5. Advising students to refrain from inciting against other students, teachers and college administration.
6. Advising all staffs to be affectionate and not to vindictive towards any one.
7. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in and out of the institution. Any violation should be brought to the notice of the Principal.


            Grievances Redressal Committee is formed in order to keep the healthy working atmosphere amongst staff, students and parents. This cell helps Students to record their complaints and solve their problems related to academics, resources and personal grievances. Ragging complaints will be handled as per ragging rules available on institution website/ prospectus. Woman Harassment complaints will be handled as per Government Guidelines.

             The students can approach the committee for their grievances regarding academic, financial, health related, library and other central services. The committee sorts out their problems promptly and judiciously. The committee also will redress the grievances of the students as and when required. As a result of this mechanism, the institute has pleasant atmosphere, good work-culture with good-will and understanding among the students.

Duties/ Responsibilities/ Activities of Students Grievances Redressal Committee:

1. To develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the students in order to maintain harmonious educational atmosphere in the Institute.
2. Grievances received in writing from the students about any of the following matter:

    a. Academic Matters: Related to timely issue of duplicate Mark-sheets, Transfer certificates, Conduct certificates or other examination related matters.

       b. Financial Matters: Related to dues and payments for absence, laboratory fines, library fines, hostels, etc.

     c. Complaints, of alleged discrimination of students, belonging to Scheduled castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other backward classes, Minority, and Disabled categories.

3. Any other.
4. Providing a platform for students to point out their problems effectively.
5. Provides students a sense of participation in problem solving.
6. Restructuring policies in the light of Grievances.
7. Periodic monitoring of Suggestion Box.
8. Meeting of Committee is as and when required.
9. Scrutinizing, recording and redressing the grievances.
10. Informing the respective person to attend their respective problems.


All the students of B. Pharm and M. Pharm are here by informed that the Students Grievances Committee is constituted for the academic session 2022-23 following members are nominated on the committee.

Name Designation Contact Email ID
Dr. R. O. Ganjiwale,
I/C Principal
Chairman 9890816170
Dr. M. P. Puranik,
Associate Professor
Member 8380099776
Ms. S. P. Gautam,
Assistant Professor
Member 9960988313
Ms. Sharayu S. Zore,
B. Pharm- IV
Student Representative 9730615146
Mr. Chetan G. Thote,
B. Pharm- II
Student Representative 9588607822
Mr. Ashish B. Budhrani,
Assistant Professor
Member-Secretary 8888944700