Girls-Women Security Cell


                 Alarmed by the outrage over the various incidences of sexual violence andsexual misconduct and other behaviours that create a scary environment for girls and women. The University Grants Commission (UGC) has asked universities and institutions of higher education to seriously review the security arrangements for girls and women on the campuses and ensure a safe education and working environment for girls and women employees.

It has recommended that every institution set up a task force to ensure girls security and keep it informed of the action taken.

Moreover in our male dominated society, issues related to women are quite complex and are multi-folded and overlapping. Our Institution therefore always has holistic approach in addressing and handling such issues. We believe that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ not only applies to an individual’s physical health but also to the mental health of a society at large.


The main focus of Girls Security Cell is to create an enabling environment for gender justicewhere boys and girls can study together with a sense of personal security and dignity.


To maintain safe atmosphere in the college and hostel premises by promoting cordial Student to Student, Student to Teacher and students to cell member relationship.

Roles of Girls Security Cell

• To educate the girls students towards gender sensitization.
• To provide counseling services to resident and non-residents girl students.
• To help students to realise their inherent strength.
• To imbibe the sense of responsibility.
• To investigate the complaints received from girls students.
• To provide a safe environment for girl students.
• To organize self defence training for Girl students.


           Girls security Cell isformed in order to keep the healthy and free atmosphere amongst all students. This cell helps girls to record their complaints and solve their problems related to personal security and dignity. The cell sorts out their problems promptly and judiciously. As a result of this mechanism, the institute has provided safe and healthy atmosphere with good- will and understanding among the students.


           Mobile numbers have been displayed on prominent places in premises to approach to any member of the cell to report any type of complaint related to girl’s safety and security.Similarly in all Industrial visits, excursions, study tours, female teachers accompany the students and take care of them very affectionately.

There are two female attendants who ensure safety of girls and also maintain cleanliness in the girls’ common room.
The college authorities have an open door policy. The Principal and Vice Principal are available whenever the student approaches them. The college is very prompt in acting on any such complaint by students. Proper enquiry is conducted with the help of different committees. Generally matter is resolved by counseling. If need be parents are informed and counseled.
Concerned teachers are also informed about these cases so that they can also help the students. The security staff and other non-teaching staff are also sensitized about such issues. They are observant and intervene in such matters to prevent them.

Our college has more number of girl students compared to boys. Many students are first generation learner and are from marginalized section of society.Parents have faith in the secured atmosphere of the college campus.

Vigilance Squad

           The Cell members takes frequent supervisory rounds of the college to ensure safety of girls. The Security personnel and watchman also ensure that students are safe in the premises. College has CCTV at the entrance, canteen, laboratories and all floors. Video surveillance acts as a restraining to any untoward incidents.

Tenure and composition

1. Chairperson of Cell is from the Institution.
2. Two-three faculties as members.
3. One faculty member from hostel.
4. One faculty member as member secretary.
5. One student representative nominated by the Principal .

Girls Security Cell (Sexual Harassment Cell) 2022-23
Sr. No. Name of Member Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1 Dr. M. P. Puranik Chairperson 9970164613
2 Mr. G. D. Dahikar Member 7447259415
3 Ms. A. A. Karlekar Member 8888938748
4 Ms. V. B. Dhande Member 9921711204
5 Ms.S. P. Gautam Member 9960988313
6 Ms. Apurva G. Ijapure Student Representative
M.Pharm Second year
7 Ms. Manisha R. Verma Student Representative
B.Pharm third year
8 Ms. Ayushi Pandey Student Representative
B.Pharm Third year
9 Ms. S.D. Tiple Member secretary 7758953769