Patent Details (Published by the Indian Patent Office)

Sr. No. Particulars Application No. Published/Granted Date of Publication/ Granted
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7 Belgamwar A, Khan S, Yeole PG. Intranasal Nanocomposite of Dolutegravir for the CNS Delivery. 201721004980 Granted 10/03/2022
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9 Manisha P Puranik, Debarshi Kar Mahapatra Shantanu Nimbalkar Novel anti-inflammatory Schiff base and method for synthesis of the same 202121046056 A Granted 04/02/2022
10 Pooja G Swami, Dilesh J Singhavi, Rajendra O Ganjiwale. COMPLEX OF POLYPHENOLS EXTRACTED FROM AEGLE MARMELOS FRUIT AND PHOSPHOLIPID 202221056527 A Published 14/10/2022
11 Dr. Manisha Puranik, Dr. Debarshi Kar Mahapatra, Nehal Meharkure. A SCHIFF BASE AND PROCESS FOR SYNTHESISING THEREOF. 202221067041 Granted 22/11/2022