Gender sensitization cell

                Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (IPER) is well prepared to handle and respond to gender sensitive issues and provide an environment where mens/ boys and womens / girls can work together with a sense of personal security and dignity. For this purpose the institute has setup Gender Sensitization Cell(GSC)as per UGC recommendation, 2013 and the ‘SAKSHAM’ Report, 2014. (The report is available at The cell engrosses the awareness about gender issues and working towards and creating an enabling environment of gender justice deals with the issues of gender based violence and to conduct gender sensitization programme.

Objective of Gender Sensitization cell:

• To make the young boys and girls gender sensitive and create positive values that supports the girls and their rights.
• To provide overall guidance to the peer group in integrating/mainstreaming gender in all activities of the institution in the form of focused group discussions, debates, poster making competitions etc.
• To provide an integrated and interdisciplinary approach to understand the social and cultural constructions of gender that shapes the experiences of women and men in society.
• To generate the awareness in regard to equality in law, social system and democratic activities.
• To create awareness programmes through lectures, seminars, talks, workshops, debates, showing films and documentaries etc.
• The cell also facilitates a gender sensitive environment enabling women and men to maximize their potential.
• The cell tries to make a forum for open dialogue and discussion on gender issues.
• The cell deals with cases of sexual / psychological/emotional/physical harassment as per the capability of the college as an academic institution.

Duties and Responsibilities of GSC members:

• To examine all grievances received from the women staff / students regarding the sexual harassment.
• To examine and investigate on each complaint received from the women staff / students by collecting the required information / data from connected people.
• To give feedback to the women staff / students concerned / to find solution for their grievances.
• The committee will record such grievances received from the women staff / students, in a separate register maintained exclusively for this purpose.
The reply given by the committee to the women staff / students for grievance should also be recorded in the register.
• The Committee should find suitable solutions to settle the problems faced by the women staff / students in regard to matters relating to sexual harassment within 10 days after thorough investigation.

In compliance of the UGC’s directives, IPER has constituted the Gender Sensitization Cell (GSC) with the following members:


All the students are and staff members are here by informed that following “Gender Sensitization Cell” is constituted in institute for academic year 2022-23

Sr. No. Name of Member Designation Mobile No. Email ID
1 Dr. M. P. Puranik Chairperson 9970164613
2 Mr. A. J. Deshmukh Member
(Teaching Staff)
3 Ms. J. S. Hadke Member
(Teaching Staff)
4 Ms. V. B. Dhande Member
(Non-Teaching Staff)
5 Ms. A. A. Karlekar Member
(Non-Teaching Staff)
6 Mr. Gaurav M. Sable Student Representative
B. Pharm Final year
7 Ms. Aarti S. Butale Student Representative
M. Pharm Second yr.
8 Ms. Aparna Shree Student Representative
B. Pharm Final yr.
9 Dr. Shipra Singam Member from society (Advocate) 9881711772
10 Ms. S. D. Tiple Member Secretory
(Teaching Staff)